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julie love gagen


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Hey, friend!! I am SO SUPER HAPPY you are here! My name is Julie Love Gagen and I am a Noonday Ambassador. And I couldn't be prouder to say that.

I have a longstanding background in international development that began in 2005, when I took my first Engineers Without Borders trip to a remote community in Western Kenya. Since then, I have worked with thousands of volunteers across the world to help them develop safe, appropriate, and well thought out development projects for communities in need by providing them with access to basic needs - clean water, sanitation, and electricity. And while that work is SO IMPORTANT, I always had a strong desire to do something MORE. To help people lift themselves out of their circumstances. To allow them the creative space to build their own businesses, provide equitable conditions for their employees, and support the fair trade marketplace, while still taking care and consideration for the planet. Noonday Collection is SO MY JAM, friend! And if you want to talk about it, I am happy to chat your ear off for HOURS. I mean that. So join me. Join me in creating a marketplace for these gorgeously unique, interesting, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous pieces. Join me in supporting fair trade and equitable conditions. Join me in styling yourself with gorgeous pieces of jewelry and feel SO GOOD about making your purchase!

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